I can’t even tell you how much I love summer!

We go wild and completely abandon any routine we had from the school year.

Since we moved into our new house Emilia has made some neighbourhood friends and she can be found either on her bike or scooter until it gets dark. Some nights we’re out there with Ella, who is desperate to fit in with the big girls. Seeing her having so much fun with new friends really warms my heart and makes me nostalgic for the summer nights of my youth. Those carefree days and nights of hanging out on our front porch or playing tag with my cousins and friends were truly the best! The only hard part of having no set bedtime is getting the girls up in the morning to go to their grandparents house or camp! My hubs and I work fulltime, but we are really trying hard to enjoy every night of the summer, rather than waiting for the weekends! We found in the past when we waited for the weekends to do fun stuff, the summer just flew by!

Even though we try to keep our summers relaxed, I did buy some workbooks for the girls so that they prep for the school year ahead. We made a deal (I feel like we’re always making a deal! My kids are master negotiators) that if when they finish a section of their workbooks we will take them out for ice cream. A friend of mine is doing the same thing with her boys and she said that really motivated them to work through the chapters. Now I wasn’t sure if it would work with my girls, but I ordered the books and thought I would give it a go! Worst case we could use the workbooks as a study tool during the school year! When I presented them with the idea, they were so excited they immediately started working! I thought it would be a one day thing…as so often happens. But they have been doing a few pages a day on their own. I am still in shock! I really didn’t realize how much a motivator ice cream can be! LOL! Also, I think they are both missing the familiar routine of school just a bit!


I got these great workbooks from for just over $12 each!


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